Electrocardiogram.  Used as a stand-alone test this examines the hearts rhythm. Used by Clinicians to detect abnormalities within the heart to aid diagnosis and any treatment/intervention that may be necessary.

24hr ECG:

This is a non-invasive procedure used to monitor the hearts rhythm over a 24hr period. It is used to aid diagnosis and as to whether specialist intervention/referral or medication is necessary.

The monitor is a small/lightweight/computerised device attached to a belt worn around the waist; there are 3 x sticky electrodes which are also placed on the chest. You do not feel anything whilst wearing the device. The device monitors your heart rate/rhythm during your normal daily activities to establish how the heart responds to everyday activity/stress.

The results are downloaded after the 24hr period for your GP to interpret and act upon as necessary/indicated.

24 Hour ECGs are available following referral from the GP.

The patient will be contacted by the Nurse to book appropriate appointments. Two appointments are required on consecutive days. ECGs are performed by the Nurse or Health Care Assistant.

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